International Corporate Accountability Roundtable



We believe in the need for an economy that respects the rights of all people, not just powerful corporations.

Our Mission

We harness the collective power of progressive organizations to push governments to create and enforce rules over corporations that promote human rights and reduce inequality

Our Progress

Since our inception over seven years ago, we have much to be proud of. Our staff has travelled extensively garnering support and insight from our partners across the globe on the laws and policies that can be implemented to safeguard the rights of people everywhere. Learn about some of our major initiatives here. 

The current corporate accountability movement has made considerable progress in ensuring businesses prevent, mitigate and remedy negative impacts on human rights, including by ensuring that governments regulate or set conditions on corporate activity. These efforts hinge, however, on addressing broader social and economic inequality. For human rights to thrive, we need to remove barriers to more just and equal societies. We believe that by researching, advocating and campaigning for a rights-based economy, we can do just that.