Launch of the National Action Plans (NAPs) Project

The International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) have been closely following developments on NAPs and other State-level strategies for implementation of the UNGPs across the world.

Since 2011, we have initiated research ourselves, and in conjunction with partners, in the areas of UNGPs baseline assessment methodologies, UNGPs national action plans, human rights-based approaches to processes of developing NAPs, and international or regional mechanisms for periodic monitoring of national UNGPs implementation measures. In earlier interventions, we have highlighted the critical need for NAPs to be developed – relying on human rights-based approaches – and then publicly communicated, as a basis to hold governments to account for progress on implementation of the UNGPs and the fulfillment of the duty to protect human rights.

In this Project, ICAR and DIHR will collaborate to draw on their ongoing engagements with this agenda to develop a Toolkit that includes a robust, human rights-based methodology and template for national baseline assessments, NAP development, and follow-up reporting and accountability measures, which could take place, for instance, via Universal Periodic Review (UPR), peer review, and global or regional dialogue processes.

The Project Team’s current knowledge-base includes experiences of a variety of UNGPs implementation pilot processes that are already underway around the world, led by project partners and collaborators. During the Project, this platform will be supplemented with desk research and consultations with civil society organizations, NHRIs, and other stakeholders.  Stakeholders will then be invited to review and feed into an exposure draft of the Toolkit, both electronically and during a consultation event.

A revised version of the Toolkit and a final Project Report will be launched in June 2014 and disseminated widely. Throughout, opportunities will be sought to inform and complement our process with initiatives by all relevant actors, including States and the UN Working Group on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises, as well as civil society actors and NHRIs.

Project Directors:

Amol Mehra, Director, ICAR; Claire Methven O’Brien, Special Adviser, DIHR, Human Rights and Business

Project Fellows:

Sara Blackwell, Legal and Policy Fellow, ICAR; Catherine Poulsen Hansen, Adviser, DIHR

See the Launch Document below: