Submission to the U.S. National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct Regarding Public Procurement

Together with Professor Robert Stumberg of the Harrison Institute at Georgetown University Law Center, ICAR has published a submission to the U.S. National Action Plan (NAP) on Responsible Business Conduct in order to provide guidance to the U.S. government on embedding human rights protections in federal procurement policy within the existing authority of the Executive Branch. 

The submission can be downloaded here.

The submission outlines how the U.S. NAP is ideally suited to kick-start a process of reform that is supported by existing Executive Branch authority to:

  1. Require transparency of government supply chains—the essential first step; 
  2. Expand the scope of protection beyond trafficking (and forced labor) to include child labor, discrimination, illegal wages and hours, unsafe working conditions, and denial of fundamental freedoms; 
  3. Require independent monitoring that is worker-centered and accountable to the government, not to producers who employ the social auditors; and
  4. Harmonize purchasing power in order to facilitate a common market for decent work and respect for human rights.

ICAR values this opportunity to offer recommendations to further the evolution of federal procurement policy in the United States, and we encourage other stakeholders to submit to the ongoing U.S. NAP process using the e-mail address


For more information on ICAR's work related to NAPs on business and human rights, please contact Sara Blackwell, ICAR's Legal and Policy Coordinator for Frameworks Programs, at