Righting Remedy Project Update: April 2016

ICAR and SOMO launched the Righting Remedy Project in June 2015, to build knowledge and strengthen collaboration among practitioners with the goal of improving access to remedy for those affected by corporate-related human rights abuse. In 2015, the Righting Remedy Project convened two workshops to bring together judicial and non-judicial practitioners to discuss shared obstacles, exchange lessons learned, determine what remedies are possible and appropriate using the various existing mechanisms, explore how research in the two areas can be combined, and to co-strategize around breaking down current barriers and providing holistic advice to communities. A summary report of the two workshops is available here.

On March 1-2 2016, practitioners and experts in judicial and non-judicial mechanisms met in Amsterdam for the final Righting Remedy strategy workshop. The strategy workshop built on the outcomes of past workshops and identified actions and recommendations to ensure that practitioners—both individually and collectively—have the tools and resources they need to support communities in obtaining remedy for corporate-related human rights abuses. ICAR and SOMO are now in the process of conducting consultations to build upon and validate the outcomes of the workshops.

For more information on the Righting Remedy Project, contact Sarah McGrath, Legal and Policy Coordinator, Remedy Program, ICAR sarahm@icar.ngo or Mariëtte van Huijstee, Senior Researcher, SOMO M.van.Huijstee@somo.nl.