G7/G20 BHR Task Force submit letter to G20 Employment Working Group

The G7/G20 Business and Human Rights (BHR) Task Force has submitted a letter to the G20 Employment Working Group (EWG), providing key policy recommendations in relation to sustainable global supply chains. 

As challenges to the current economic world order continue to mount across the world, it is imperative for G20 countries to demonstrate how globalization can work for all. As the current global economy depends heavily on the use and functioning of global supply chains, it is imperative that these supply chains be sustainable, in order to help further global economic and social development. 

The policy recommendations can be downloaded here

The G7/G20 BHR Task Force is a new initiative by the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable to bring together the global community of business and human rights actors to collectively set common goals and coordinate advocacy within existing and future G7/G20 presidencies.

More information about the G7/G20 BHR Task Force will be available shortly. To express your interest in participating, please contact Cindy Woods, Legal & Policy Associate, at cindy@icar.ngo.