ICAR joins open letter calling for EC to require transparency of textile supply chains

Today, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution calling for the EU to take action to address human rights abuses in textile supply chains. For example, MEPs called on the European Commission to table a legislative proposal for mandatory human rights due diligence.

In support of this, a coalition of 79 organizations sent an open letter to the European Commission. The letter calls on the EC to require textile companies to disclose, on a regular basis, the names, addresses and contact details of all production units and processing facilities in their supply chain, and to disclose the parent company of the business at the site when applicable. 

The letter highlights that this supply chain transparency will 1) increase the capacity of companies to identify, assess, mitigate, and remediate actual or potential adverse human rights impacts; 2) allow stakeholders, such as workers, NGOs, or shareholders, to be active in the company's due diligence process; and 3) enable companies to demonstrate that they respect their duty to carry out human rights due diligence

The letter can be accessed here.