ICAR co-hosting UN Human Rights Council Side Event on Investment-related Dispute Settlement

On June 14th, ICAR, together with SOMO and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), will host a parallel event to the 35th UN Human Rights Council Session, entitled Investment-related Dispute Settlement: Towards comprehensive accountability and inclusive access to remedy.

Trade and investment can be a potentially powerful tool to support economic growth, job creation, and the realization of human rights. Yet, by invoking investment treaties and investor–state contracts, transnational companies and other investors have been able to sue States to challenge a wide range of public interest measures with significant impact on human rights and local communities.

As the global community continues to interrogate the benefits of globalization, it is time for all stakeholders to critically reflect on the impacts of the global trade and investment regime on human rights, global inequality, and sustainable development. Structural changes to the trade and investment regime should be prioritized to ensure that it benefits all, this includes addressing the negative impacts and inequality of existing dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms.

This parallel session will bring together stakeholders from different background to debate and conceptualize the concrete next steps in reforming dispute prevention and resolution mechanisms for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

The event will take place June 14th, 3:30 - 4:30 PM, in Room XXI of the Palais de Nations. For more detailed information, please view the full agenda