ICAR to host C20 Summit workshop on Fostering Sustainable Global Supply Chains

ICAR is pleased to host the workshop Fostering Sustainable Global Supply Chains and Responsible Business Conduct: G2017 & Beyond at the 2017 C20 Summit, held in Hamburg Germany June 18-19.  

The current global economy depends heavily on the use and functioning of global supply chains. However, in order for these supply chains to help further global social and economic development, they must be sustainable—meaning they adhere to fundamental labor, social, and environmental standards. In order for G20 countries to advance Agenda 2030, they must take concrete steps to drive responsibility and accountability in the private sector towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The workshop, co-organized by members of the C20 Responsible Investment Working Group,  will bring together actors from civil society, labor, business, and government to discuss the importance of due diligence and transparency in identifying, preventing, mitigating, tracking, and communicating possible human rights or labor rights violations, corruption, and adverse environmental impacts throughout supply chains.

This two-part discussion will first analyze the role of the G20 in promoting sustainable supply chains, before taking a deeper dive into some of the salient human rights issues in global supply chains and concrete actions States have and can take to address them.

The Workshop will take place on Monday, June 19 from 10 AM-12 PM at HafenCity University, Hamburg.

For more information, see the full workshop agenda