Letter from ICAR

How the G20 Can Make Globalization Work for All

With neoliberal globalization in crisis, so too appears to be the G20. In March, the leaders of the world’s twenty largest global economies failed for the first time in ten years to endorse a free trade agenda. However, while some prematurely mourn the rise of protectionism and the death of the G20, there remains numerous opportunities for the 2017 G20 summit to reverse course, and reclaim the globalization conversation. To do so, they should focus on making globalization work for all.

Roadmap for a Rights-Based Economy

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. As conservative populist movements spread across the world, so too do threats to fundamental freedoms and to the protection of our environment. At the root of much of the frustration feeding this rise is a sense that the current model of globalization has worked for too few. But this need not be the case. It is time for us to build a just and prosperous economy that works for all.