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The links below include press coverage of our work, as well as Congressional briefings, hearings and other public engagement featuring ICAR staff.



April 2019: UK is a guiding light’ in addressing modern slavery but more MUST be done warns expert

April 2019: Companies Cite Costs for Lag in Supply Chain Mapping, Transparency

March 2019: Government should root out labour abuse in supply chains – labour experts

March 2019: How to move toward better modern slavery reporting

March 2019: Weak Supply Chain Practices Still Leave Room for Modern Slavery, Report Says

March 2019: Show don't tell - governments urged to lead way on tackling slavery

March 2019: Africa: Show, Don’t Tell – Governments Urged to Lead Way on Tackling Slavery


January 2018: How to brace yourself for the future of work

February 2018: Addressing Human Rights Issues In The Extractive Sector

September 2018: This new coalition protects protesters’ right to civil disobedience


June 2017: Corporate Rights and the Backlash against Globalization

April 2017: Data directory aims to boost supply chain accountability

February 2017: Trump likely to face questions over travel ban in meeting with CSOs


July 2016: Leaving No One Behind: Land and environmental defenders at the heart of sustainable development

June 2016: US dilutes Burma investment reporting requirements


October 2015: Brown signs bills on human trafficking, elephant ivory, butterflies and DNA collection

July 2015: Senate Committee Passes Assemblymember Holden's Human Rights Legislation

June 2015: Addressing the Economic Dimensions of Mass Atrocities: International Criminal Law’s Business or Blind Spot?

May 2015: Assemblymember Holden's Bill to Ensure Victims of Human Rights Abuses Get Their Day in Court

February 2015: Human rights: Year of the watchdog






December 2014: Time for a NAP: Five Recommendations for the U.S. National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct

December 2014: Government: blind to rights abuse?

December 2014: U.S. Promises Action on U.N. Human Rights Principles

November 2014: The Role of National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights in Protecting Human Rights Defenders

November 2014: El papel de los Planes de Acción Nacionales sobre Empresas y Derechos Humanos en el apoyo y protección de los Defensores/as de Derechos Humanos

September 2014: U.S. to Create National Plan on Responsible Business Practices

September 2014: How the Government Is Funding Human Rights Violations | Commentary

September 2014: Government Purchasing and the Push to Respect Human Rights

September 2014: Federal Government Turning “Blind Eye” To Procurement-Related Rights Abuse

August 2014: Our Third Pillar Report Gets Cited

July 2014: Why Cleaning Up the Fashion Industry Is So Messy

June 2014: Shrimp Supply Tainted With Modern Slavery: Why Global Business Transparency Is Needed

June 2014: Congress Makes “Zero Progress” On Corporate Accountability

April 2014: UK Govt “Caved” In Pushing SCOTUS To Prioritize Corporations Over Human Rights

March 2014: You Want Human Rights With That? McDonald's Serves Up Due Diligence on Human Rights

March 2014: Justice Advocates Challenge Power of Multinational Corporations

March 2014: Crime Bar: Human Rights Claims Don't Have Expiration Dates

January 2014: Hospitality, Agriculture Firms Vulnerable to Human Trafficking


December 2013: Justice Increasingly Distant for Victims of Corporate Abuse

November 2013: The Supreme Court & Corporate Accountability

August 2013: The Buck Stops Here: Using Public Funds for Public Good

July 2013: U.S. Courts Uphold Conflict Minerals Disclosure

June 2013: Preventable Tragedies: Companies Need to Ensure That Human Rights, Including Labor Rights, Are Protected

May 2013: A Free Internet: Tech Companies Should Promote Democracy

May 2013: U.N. Finds “Little Appreciation” for Human Rights among U.S. Businesses

April 2013: Supreme Court undermines human rights

April 2013: Taking stock of business and human rights in the United States: Reflections on visit of UN Working Group to the US

April 2013: Respecting Human Rights: Shareholders Shift From Policy to Action

April 2013: The Global Lawyer: The Zombification of the Corporate Alien Tort

April 2013: The Wrong Decision for Human Rights

March 2013: The Alien Tort Statute: A Preview

February 2013: Oil Companies Are On A Slippery Slope With Their First Amendment Claim Against Disclosure Rules

February 2013: Time to Put Security Contractors Under the Gun

January 2013: Ending Human Trafficking -- Now Is Our Time for Action


November 2012: Initiative on Human Rights in Business

October 2012: Briefing on Corporate Responsibility in the Tech Sector, U.S. Helsinki Commission

May 2012: Public Interest Groups Weigh in on FCPA Guidance


November 2011: Filmmaker Mike Ramsdell on ‘The Conflict Minerals Project', The Craig Fahle Show, WDET 101.9 FM

October 2011: SEC Wrestling With Conflict Minerals Disclosure

August 2011: Congolese Civil Society and Human Rights Groups Urge the SEC to Issue Final Rules

April 2011: California takes decisive step against Congo's conflict minerals

April 2011: New NGO for Corporate Social Responsibility Launched

April 2011: Senator Ellen M. Corbett, human rights leaders decry violence in the Congo, promote bill to incentivize compliance with federal law

March 2011: Holding Corporations Accountable for Human Rights