International Corporate Accountability Roundtable

Sophia Lin - Legal & Policy Coordinator

Sophia Lin is an international human rights lawyer, admitted to practice in the state of New York. She currently serves as Legal and Policy Coordinator, leading ICAR's work around issues related to corporate criminal accountability as well as trade and investment. Before joining ICAR, Sophia served as a Legal Advisor at Sorini, Samet & Associates, a consulting firm on trade, labor, and corporate social responsibility policy. Previously, she was an Asia Research Fellow at Freedom House, focusing on human rights issues in China. She has also worked with the Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation, Human Rights in China, International Rights Advocates, and the Human Rights Law Foundation. She also served as a consultant analyst for Freedom House's 2016 Freedom in the World report. Sophia graduated cum laude from American University Washington College of Law. She holds a B.A. from National Taiwan University. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.