International Corporate Accountability Roundtable

Interactive Workshops – Day II

Strategic Litigation Brainstorming Session

Time: 4:15 PM to 5:30 PM

Room: Ceremonial Classroom


• Charity Ryerson, Corporate Accountability Lab (CAL)

• Katie Gallagher, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)

Background Information

Human rights, environmental, and social movement attorneys have a demonstrated need for

innovative thinking, but are often constrained by deadlines, limited resources, and burn out. Our

great ideas, often scribbled on legal pads and shoved into drawers, never see the light of day.

The post-Kiobel world presents an opportunity for greater collaboration outside of the Alien Tort

Statute context, to diversify strategies for access to remedy and to disrupt the economic

incentives driving abuse in global supply chains.

In this spirit, join us for a risk-tolerant, supportive legal strategy brainstorming session. We will

start with creativity-generating exercises and a short presentation on legal design thinking, and

then move into sharing our craziest ideas, even the bad ones. This brainstorm is focused on civil

litigation strategies (criminal liability issues will be discussed in more detail in a prior workshop),

including regulatory, tort, contract, and others. This workshop is primarily geared toward lawyers

and organizations pursuing legal strategies but may be beneficial to others seeking new strategies

to create a culture of innovation at their workplaces.