International Corporate Accountability Roundtable

Small Group Updates – Day I

Strategic Litigation: Fresh Approaches to Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuse

Time:    1:00 PM to 2:15 PM       

Room:   NT07


  • Seema Joshi, Amnesty International-UK (facilitator)

  • ·Marco Simons, EarthRights International

  •  Charity Ryerson, Corporate Accountability Lab

  • Charlie Holt, Greenpeace

Background Information

In 2016 ICAR and Amnesty International released the Corporate Crimes Principles, which were developed by a group of eminent legal experts with the support of ICAR and Amnesty International, to encourage State actors to combat corporate crimes more effectively. The Principles were developed following extensive global consultations with investigators, prosecutors, lawyers, and civil society actors. They provide practical guidance on issues such as: case selection; evidence collection; identification of tools, resources, and strategies for effectively pursuing such cases; cross-border collaboration; and victims’ access to justice and witness protection.

ICAR and Amnesty International have collaborated on a series of workshops bringing civil society together with prosecutors and investigators, to better understand how the Principles can be applied to enhance opportunities for civil and criminal enforcement. Facilitator Seema Joshi will offer key insights from the workshops to date.

Building on that foundation, contributors will explain what motivated a particular litigation strategy used by their organization and reflect on progress and challenges in advancing corporate accountability through litigation. Contributors will provide additional insights on both civil and additional criminal litigation strategies. This workshop is intended to enable litigators to compare experiences and share lessons learned. A follow-on session, facilitated by Charity Ryerson, will continue the conversation during the “Small Group Updates” portion of Day II of the Annual Meeting with a brainstorming session to promote fresh thinking through the identification of new avenues for strategic litigation.